Harumaruchi is often called Chi as her name is quite a mouthful,
travelled 7 hours away from home and has graduated in Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design diploma last march.

Having known that she studied Digital Animation two years before switching to Motion Graphics, it gives her a wide spread of knowledge and understands motion the painstaking way such as drawing a pendulum frame by frame.

Motion Graphics has brought her to learn many different mediums and make a whole lot of rainbows to clients such as Grid MMS, CASE and MTV. She and her mates got a chance to set up a live projection mapping concert for places like Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay.

She always thought her name meant “Thousand Springs” in Japanese, 14 years later she realized her name actually meant “Thousand Flowers”. She often go around greeting people even if it’s a random friendly looking stranger.

“harumaruchi” is a nickname coined by a clever play of words in her name, combining “Maru” which means circle in Japanese to form this moniker.

She like to share her thoughts and ideas usually to people, or in a journal whenever she travels alone. Her first drawing of a magnificent fish called the Ocean Sun Fish (Mola mola) amazes her granddad, hoping she would some day be a wonderful Illustrator.

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facebook page • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Harumaruchi/339572126066283

Director’s List : Nanyang Polytechnic
Crowbar Awards 2012: Bronze & Sliver for Experimental Film//Animation